Let’s… Go… Snorkelling!

20 Apr

“You go diving today?”
“You go fishman’s village today?”
“You go snorkelling today?”

“Nah, I think we do nothing today – what’s that in Malay?” we asked the very, very charming host at Barracuda Bar over Mango shakes.

“Oh – you orang malas! Means laaaazy man!”

So eventually we did go snorkelling, and it was incredibly beautiful. Din the snorkelling pimp makes all his clients yell “Let’s… Go… Snorkelling!” as they leave the beach, mostly to piss of the dive intructors I think, but the phrase “let’s… go… orang malas!” prompted hysterics from Din and the other locals for the rest of our time on Perenthian.

On our way to the Thai border, we shared a cab with a Belgian family. The well-travelled dad of this cutie:

thought that we’d just left the most beautiful island in Asia… wonder if he’s right.

Some more pics:

Our bungalow (on the right at the end)

The dangers of island life.

NSW Firefighters – keeping beers cold across the globe. (Yes, that’s our balcony. Sorry about the glare, but sun bouncing off calm clear water will go that)


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