Blankey heads to Hanoi

13 Jun

Check out Blake’s blog for a sleep deprived account of our spectacular but, ‘rustic’ overnight bus ride through Northern Laos. This beauty, however, cost us $15 US from the Vietnamese border all the way to Hanoi. Not that we really wanted to go to Hanoi. Or pay $15 for the priviledge. But after spending 24 hours in the border town from hell, complete with rock-throwing children, conspiratorial mini-bus drivers, smug hoteliers and the rancid, money-hungry sleaze bag that we fought to negotiate a fare with (his starting price was $30), we rode this shit box to the outskirts of the city, where all the passengers from this big bus were shunted onto an already full minibus for another 2 hours into Hanoi. When we finally arrived on the doorstep of a hotel, the city was deserted, the streets unlit, the shopfronts sleeping behind metal grills.

Lucky when we woke the next morning it was a different sight…


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