Dragon’s Teeth

27 Jun

“Where the dragon descends into the sea” – or where brave and fearless Ros jumps from unbelievable height into possibly dragon-infested tropical water… Here’s Blake copying me…

And here’s the Halong Bay version of a street seller – no, we dont want to buy any Oreos, thanks…

Yay! Love it when a place is actually as beautiful as the tourist trade makes out. We had a great guide (thank you Ba from Vega travel), a great boat (thank you, other Aussies, for running late and forcing Vega to take a bigger, luxe boat), and a perfect couple of days…


One Response to “Dragon’s Teeth”

  1. Dee July 11, 2007 at 1:16 pm #

    JOY. I’m glad the dragons were friendly. x

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