Returning to Chinese Cities (Guest Blogger Blake)

15 Sep
Danba was next on out hit list. Not mentioned in our (now out of date) Lonely Planet, we’d heard good things about this place so decided to check it out. Well what a shock on arrival – an ugly vertical city of bland multi-story concrete schlop. Quiet a change from sprawling grasslands… After the initial shock we started to appreciate the vertical nature of the town, which is easier when drinking a few beers on the rooftop with a some new found friends. [The reason the city is so vertical is that the city is at the confluence of 5 rivers, each with it’s own mountain range guiding it].

Maybe it doesn’ty look so ugly in this photo, but it was a rude shock from what we were used to

Luckily we’d also been informed that the action was out of town, where we could find beautiful valleys of dotted with stunning houses – and indeed it was true. We spent a gorgeous day wondering around one valley, and it was magical.

Chengdu was next on the roster (capital of Sichuan province). The appropriate adjectives for Chengdu might be mild, or perhaps luke-warm. Not a bad place, just not much going for it except the impressive Panda Breeding Research Centre (see Blake’s blog). Still we had a good hostel, and managed some long walks about town as well as planning our next move – to Shanghai!


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