17 Sep

Wandering the The Bund, Blake admitted he didn’t mind Shanghai. An excellent subway system helped us to get around (see B’s latest installment of Silly Signs), and we needed it, heading out to the Indian Consulate smack bang in International Finance Land, and the 1000Y Saving-Discount-Airline office (E-Long), in Shanghai’s version of Noddy Land. A shame to spend so much time arranging travel, but we did squeeze in a little bit, a tiny bit, of shopping. Shanghai’s famous “fakes” market was shut down in 2004, but that hasnt stopped the shopping – it’s just moved into the back streets, upstairs in rickety timber terraces that reminded me of dodgy Surry Hills share houses, where lastest design, best quality, genuine imitation designer stuff can be yours. Or, rather, mine. Or to be completely realistic, Blake’s, as he always manages to come home with more shopping than I do. New Winter season Chloe imported from Korea was deemed to expensive and I had to be satified with current LV resort Tote. Sigh!

The street fashion had us both gasping as super-short-shorts barely covered petite Chinese bums, and newbies struggled in high heels, while some Chinese women sported a style that was easy to pick as “Shanghai”, and gorgeous (but tricky to photograph!).

A trip to see an Acrobatic troupe topped off our tourist circuit, and we were off at a very scary time before 5am on the Rocket Clock, headed for Delhi.


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