29 Sep

The poverty in India is simply a different concept to anything I’ve experienced. These kids live by the train tracks, collecting bottles and rubbish that can be recycled. They sort amongst the shit and piss that accumulates from the trains (it seems everyone wants to go when the train is stationary), deal with rats and dogs, and carry bundles much bigger than themselves up and down, day and night. The railway staff treat them with disdain, but their roll is well accepted – they keep the station clean and tidy. And they still play and giggle as they work.

Although the rules say don’t give to kids, this girl got an apple from me (don’t tell Blake!), which she demolished in a matter of seconds. The tiny core which went over the side of the platform like everything else, was then her evidence to the other urchins wandering the station, with much extravagant relating of size of apple, and disbelieving responses, and cheeky grins back at me, watching the show from my bench.

And a Note to Travellers – When you get to the station at 5am and the nice lady announces the train is an hour late, don’t think, oh well, I’ll wait an hour and sleep on the train, because you’ll be a very cranky person 4 and a half hours later when you’re STILL WAITING!


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