Cocktails and Dreams

6 Nov

It seems to be a trend. Ros and Blake book into snazzy resort. Weather turns to shit. Oh well, at least it adds a bit of drama… We spent three days at the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, eating and drinking ourselves stupid, and lazing by the pool – that is when there wasn’t torrential rain.

It was great to relax for a few days, and I’m sure the Indian tradies doing renovations to the other wing of the resort also enjoyed our stay, along with the other bikini-clad western women they ogled constantly, despite our complaints. We also had amusing beverage-related interactions with the friendly but undertrained staff who were oblivious to our requests for the same water that the Indian guests were drinking, and completely overwhelmed by our repeated request to know the variety of wines available – these, once ordered, were inevitably out of stock. But we got lucky and drank some lovely french Cote du Rhone. The same can’t be said for the cocktails, but what should you expect from a teetotaling barman?


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