29 Sep

Sleepy baby. Happy baby. Yeah yeah yeah!

So Palm Cove was really just what the doctor ordered. We had a fabulous time, lolling by the pool, going on little walks, reading books, having lunch at nice beachside joints and generally spending time together as …a family…

And The Berry, little minx, suddenly started being much easier to settle for her naps. Why? Who knows! Maybe Dadda taking turns? Maybe more food in her little belly? Maybe she could just sense the lack of tension. Or it was plain simple coincidence. I’ll take it any which way.

Oh, and a note to travellers: babies on planes? I used to cringe when I saw them board. “Not next to me, pleeease!” Now I know, the smaller, the better. When you can still whack ’em on the boob, they’re OK. Toddlers, not so much.

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