Poolin’ Around

13 Feb

So, things are a little hazy today… You see, we dropped The Berry at her grandparents’ on Saturday and headed here:

It’s the pool club on the top floor of Sydney city mega entertainment centre, Ivy.

I’m sure I don’t need to point out it’s not me in the blow-up swan… It looked more along the lines of this when we attended:

It was a FAB-u-lous day where it was very easy to forget we were responsible grown-ups while we splashed around drinking bubbles in the pool listening to a DJ who’s been round even longer than we have.

While I’ve tottered around The Ivy, Sydney’s mecca for the glamourous-and-knowing it (or wanting it), many times in my previous life as a beauty editor, it was my first time at the pool and it lived up to its reputation. It wasn’t my first pool club adventure all together though. That honour goes this delightful playground:

Potato Head, Seminyak.

(that is me in the hat though!)

That’s the sum of my pool bar experience. One day though, I hope to tally up this number:

It’s the pool at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs. Palm Springs fantasies will get their own post soon enough.

Now for another cup of tea. Over and out.


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