Relax-o-rama: The Berry’s Beach House

4 Mar

How’s that serenity? Sorry for the slow posts, we’ve been on holidays! Since The Berry has entered our lives, our days of adventurous, who-know-where-we’ll-end-up odysseys are pretty much on hold. When we’re driving down the highway, I still yearn to yell “turn there!” whenever I see a winding road, peculiar sign or just a glimpse of glimmering water through the trees. And don’t get me started on garage sales. I did get to visit one op-shop while we were away, but instead of mothball filled vintage clutch purses and 70’s kaftans I picked up a fisher price airplane and a push along car. Still, not much cause for nostalgia when you have this staring you in the face:

Isn’t she a cutie? We mainly splashed around in the hot tub, drank prosecco, went for walks down to the water (calling it a beach was a bit of a stretch), and did little trips into town for fresh river prawns and fish and chips.

On the way home The Berry had a sleep in the back seat (after an hour of grumbling and a few costume changes; she only wanted to wear her filthy ‘pretty dress’, and certainly not her clean ‘sleepy’ aka onesie pajamas. I’m usually terrified of waking her and never go into her room when she’s sleeping so it was a rare treat to watch her little face relax and those huge cheeks soften as she snoozed.

PS  – My best tip for helping little ones to sleep on holidays? Take the slept-in sheets from their bed at home, the familiar smell helps to chill out excited campers. Oh, and aluminium foil from the kitchen will block out pesky morning sunshine if your little prince or princess is used to block-out blinds.


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