13 Mar

Hello there! We’re at the beach. In the middle of the city. How awesome is this? Only in Vegas! Bris-Vegas that is, AKA Brisbane, home to The Berry’s new cousin. Sydneysiders tend to hold a little snobbery towards our northern neighbours, and maybe if you’re looking for sophisticated fine dining and edgy grunge culture you’ll be in trouble. I couldn’t tell you what happens after 9pm. But if you like sunshiny weather, easy eats, friendly peeps and a man-made beach in the middle of town, then you’ll be in for a very pleasant time :)

We were extra happy parents when we arrived at our one-bedroom apartment to find it had a conveniently dark and enclosed study the perfect size for a port-a-cot. The Berry loved waving at her staff each morning and greeting her “holiday home” each time we passed through the lobby. Kid thought she owned the whole building. We travelled everywhere by ferry or foot and even had one successful group dinner – I think after many very un-fun experiences with an overtired, destructive child who really just wants to go to bed, The Berry has just hit an age where she’s starting to take change in her stride. One evening at Southbank, on a grassy knoll by the surreal city beach, we watched as she joined in a game of chasies with a group of big kids – just inserting herself into the throng and then standing there with a cheeky grin on her face. Sometimes you get these little flashes of the future, and it looks pretty good :)


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