Pinterest Friday – Backdrops

21 Apr

A photographer asked me last night if there was anything I’d change from our wedding photos and there is one thing that I wish I’d thought more about: ceremony backdrop. We were married in front of a huge lush mulberry bush which gave us a lovely leafy background, but there was no framing and everyone was a bit squashed, plus the celebrant stood right between us as she’s in most of the photos. Not sayin’ she wasn’t a lovely person but does a comparative stranger need to be in that first brilliant married kiss photo. Don’t think so. So I love seeing clever backdrops and it seems to be another “must have” element being added to weddings and even kids parties (above from Hello!Lucky). I’d advise any bride to consider the framing of their wedding ceremony location, (doesn’t have to be trixy, just have a look with a camera in mind), and also think about placing the celebrant to one side so you can really just enjoy each other. Right, rant over, now pretties!!

From a Black|White round up, super dramatic resorty stripes.

Only Martha would have the audacity to try this, just drops of crepe paper, so beautiful and simple in classic Martha tones

This is actually a message board/guest book (that’s another post for sure), but would be equally lovely as a backdrop. From Chewing the Cud.

Love the half hazard hanging of this simple white bunting to take a rustic backdrop to the next level.

And this baby, my goodness. Incredible craftiness by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.


2 Responses to “Pinterest Friday – Backdrops”

  1. Suzysiu April 29, 2012 at 2:55 am #

    Lovely ideas, the last one is my favourite. I ought to get around to organising some Trash The Dress photos – no actual trashing, just edgier backdrops like Enmore/ Newtown graffiti. Though that dry-cleaning bill is putting me off wearing my wedding dress again… :/

  2. Roar Sweetly May 3, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    Oh dear, had to laugh about your third-wheel celebrant. These back drops would also be great for birthday shoots and other similar events. Loving the rustic white bunting.

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