Chop Chop

26 Apr

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, at Mieka Hairdressing. I’ve been sulking behind overgrown, anonymous mummy hair for months and I’m gunning to get a cut that says something (so my wardrobe can take a break and just chill out a bit).

I’ve been compiling away on Pinterest (no surprise), and here are a few of my pins:

Beyond excited and a little bit nervous – I’ve had my share of shockers and I’ve also walked out of the salon cursing myself for chickening out of what I really wanted. I reckon I’ve got a fairly failsafe checklist for ensuring you’re not crying into the steering wheel as you drive home to fetch that paper bag out of the cupboard.

1. Be realistic about you hair type and TRY to embrace it. I’m never going to have carefree, bohemian curls for more than 5 minutes.

2. Don’t assume all cutters are equal at the same salon. If your friend gets a nice new do, see the same person, don;t just trust they’ll all be good. It’s worth paying for the senior stylist, it really is.

2. Compile photos of people with THE SAME HAIR TYPE as you, to chat with the stylist about. Now, this is is a double edged sword. Theoretically, it should put you and your cutter on the same page. The danger is you raise your own expectations and expect to walk out looking like Arizona Muse (in my case). You’re not gonna. So talk about the photos, then put them away.

3. This is a hard one, but don’t put the pressure on. You’ll either end up with the safest, most vanilla haircut the cutter can manage because they think you’ll freak, or they’ll be so terrified they’ll stuff up.

4. Finally, if you don’t like it GO BACK. Truly, you owe it to every other person that sits in that same chair in the future. You owe it to humanity! I’ve been back many times to have little niggles sorted out (and never had anything other than a friendly reception) and once where the haircut was just terrible, and the salon owner re-cut it. With the poor quaking junior standing watch the entire time.

So wish me luck, photos of the finished product to come…



One Response to “Chop Chop”

  1. Suzysiu April 29, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    Spoiler: Your new hair looks awesome!

    My tip is *once* you’ve found a good hairdresser, trust their expertise. It’s their job, they know more about hair than you do.

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