Chin Chin (AKA, how to get into a trendy restaurant without really trying)

29 Apr

We’ve just been down to visit The Berry’s grandparents (my in-laws), in sunny Melbourne. Scoff all you like, but it’s actually a pleasant experience to go visiting because Duffy, as my mother-in-law likes to be called, is a gun babysitter and insists on kicking us out of the house for little adventures so we don’t interrupt her intense cuddle-fests with The Berry. Since it was 11.50am on a Saturday morning, we thought we’d try out Chin Chin, yet another painfully cool joint that’s impossible to get into. (And therefore warranted a look-at-me Facebook check-in. I just can’t help myself.)

We went with one of Mr B’s oldest and most delightful mates and since husband was driving his parents’ car, his mate Ben and I proceeded to get quite drunk and slurry over corn fritters, minty barramundi and pork salad and incredibly tender beef short ribs so sweet they could’ve been dessert…

…except that we rolled ourselves down to Movida and had churros and Pedro Ximénez instead.


I sat perched in the window and watched the hordes take happy snaps of the graffed up laneway outside as we sipped (slurped).

Sporting my new hairdo, with a very large dose of dutch courage to bolster me, I felt as footloose and fancy free as a mumma can hope to, I reckon. It was heaven on a stick. Has taken me ages (like, 10 years) to get the hang of Melbourne but I think the little dose of “oh I really don’t give a shit anymore” confidence that motherhood has brought out in me has made a difference. Sweet.




2 Responses to “Chin Chin (AKA, how to get into a trendy restaurant without really trying)”

  1. Suzysiu April 30, 2012 at 5:00 am #

    Yummm… Must. Book. Flights. Soon. Love that Laneway.


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