29 Apr

This is the first of (hopefully) a series of posts for KIDsize Living. I know there are a billion mummy-blogs out there and I try to keep the handwringing to a minimum on here… BUT… KIDsized are awesome and positive and have a billion things listed to do with your children to avoid strangling them after being stuck in an 80m square house during unnaturally long periods of torrential rain. So, here it is re-printed for youse all.

In those early, mindbending weeks after the birth of my little girl, I got hassled by a good friend. She was merciless, really. On my back all the time, pressuring me to do something I felt supremely uncomfortable doing. Aggh, the pain, I still cringe when I remember what she forced me into, sitting in that room full of strangers, sleep deprived, greasy haired, completely vulnerable. It was my third mother’s group meet and I was way out of my comfort zone. Boobs were flying, babes were crying, and confessions were flowing thick and fast. I was terrified. Petrified. Not only of my own little bundle of, er, joy (ha!) but of this new social group.

Surely I could muddle along by myself? Surely I could just skip the next meet – all the meets – I pleaded with my mate. “No way,” she said. “These women will be your lifeline.” Maybe she was making a vain attempt to minimize the many, many bizarre questions she’d be fielding herself as one of my few “childed” friends. But mostly she was just telling the truth. Now that my daughter, The Berry, has turned two, I can say scouts honour that those women (plus some notable extras of course) have absolutely kept me sane through the toughest transition of my life.

Yeah a husband helps, and I have supportive parents too. But someone in your shoes, living where you live, sharing their struggles and triumphs, listening to your confessions with an open heart, that’s the good stuff for a mum. So now that the sickening fear of sharing stories with strangers has well and truly passed and I’m happy talking about inverted nipples in the playground, I hope to share a few with you.


2 Responses to “Confessions”

  1. Roar Sweetly May 3, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    Just discovered your blog through Kidsize Living Weekly, it’s great! Mothers’ Groups are funny old things. You’re put together with a bunch of women you normally wouldn’t have anything in common with and yet you end up sharing the most extraordinary bond. My oldest is almost 3 and I still keep in touch with several of the women from our group, particularly those who have had their second around the same time as I did.

    • Rosalind Thomas May 3, 2012 at 11:18 am #

      So true, Roar Sweetly! We’re just doing 2nd birthdays with all the bubs from mothers group and it’s great to see them all growing up together. The mums still catch up and we babysit for each other which is fabulous – it’s free and you know and trust the person looking after your little one. Then you just pay it back to the group!

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