Muse, Hunter Valley

8 May

Lunch with a toddler generally involves: the sprawling of plastic toys, once favoured, now studiously ignored; large ugly bags and possibly ungainly prams to (unsuccessfully) contain toddler and spurned toys; tag-team trudging around back storerooms, alleys, service lanes, or just round and round the foyer of your dining establishment while attempting to divert toddler from precious and/or precarious elements of your surroundings; the spilling of food; the throwing of food; disjointed conversations and embarrassing requests for the repetition of basic information about your unfortunate fellow diners. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t taste your food if you even get to shovel some in and you certainly won’t get to have a decent conversation with anyone.

So imagine my delight when Mr B suggested we blow off our sensibles and have a posh winery lunch. With two grown-ups, no toddler and actual conversation. Of course, 90 per cent of the convo was regarding the small child but I long ago abandoned thoughts of really having much to say about anything else.

Muse is apparently the place to eat in The Hunter and while the al a carte restaurant wasn’t open (probably for the best!), the cafe was. This is no Caesar salad, burger and chips kind of joint. We had a tuna and scallop tartare with crispy wanton skins, pork belly with cauliflower puree and yummy pomegranatey goo, duck breast with fresh plums and the kicker…

Doughnuts! I have zero ability to resist doughnuts on a menu. St Kats in Melbourne does a killer doughnut, and I’d love to try the ones at The Apollo. These babies came with a thick sugar/cinnamon crust, banana bread ice cream  and some of the wickedest maple syrup I’ve ever tasted. Half a glass of sticky and I was in seventh heaven. Then they brought petit fours.


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