Rebel Nails (or LOL Nails)

8 May

Remember how in this post I wouldn’t be sporting fancy nail polish any time soon? Well, I’ve just had a very indulgent little mini-break (do I sound fabulous for just a minute? don’t be fooled). Mr B is off at a conference in The Hunter Valley, and I tagged along for a night, and left The Berry at home with her grandparents. It was relaxing and carefree and I missed her terribly. To fill the void I ate delicious food, drank wine, and painted my nails! Looky here!

I started out with good ol’ coral-y red, Essie’s Meet Me At Sunset. I was going to paint a “rebel nail” (a single, stick-it-to-the-man stand out from the others). So I popped a coat of Butter London Rosie Lee rose/bronze glitter on over the red for my pinky. And then I got carried away.

So now I’m typing away, not really with rebel nails, more Lady of Leisure nails :) Given what a bitch glitter nail polish is to remove, hopefully they’ll last the day to day onslaught of The Berry’s adventures.


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