Make Your Mug Up

12 May

The whole family (Mr B, The Berry and I), made an appearance at a birthday party last weekend for a friend who I’ve known since high school – in fact, his partner is the only girl from school I’m still in contact with (‘nother story there…)


I’m getting the the point, hold your horses!

So this girl who I’ve known for almost 20 years now, she looked divine that evening. Beautiful girl, not usually that handy with a make-up kit, although let her near a shoe shop at your peril. But she’d bitten the bullet, and popped into her local make-up selling establishment and let them go to work on her mug. Transformational! I’m always curious how others, specifically trained, professional others, lookey at your face, your features and what’s going to make you look showstopping.

PLUS, having your make-up done by a pro also goes on my list of low-time-investment-high-reward-indugence-activities for mummas. Really, a make-up artist will do your face in 20 minutes, and then you’ll look a million bucks for that wedding/party/reunion/date night/no reason at all except you’re feeling rubbish.

It’s on the list with buying a bunch of flowers, body oil, new socks and… well, cake.

Off the list are massages, movies, afternoons spent strolling the shops, picnics in the park. All of these are too time consuming and too easily invaded by thoughts of child and mental list making.

Think you might be up for a make-over? May I suggest Bobbi Brown, M.A.C (not as scary as they seem, promise), or Mecca Cosmetica? Pretty sure Bobbi Brown’s are free, gasp, the others you may have to cough up a little or, tragic, buy a lippy. Just make sure you have an escape line planned for the hard sell at the end. Try “I just want to try it out in natural light/after 8 hours wear/I need to pee and have no pelvic floor muscles.

What’s your efficient indulgence for lifting spirits?

PS – who’s been following the hoopla about Hillary Clinton going minimal make-up? As usual, Jezebel nails it…




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