Village People

13 May

Do you visit Mamamia? You gotta hand it to Mia for building an incredible platform for discussion, what amazes me is the number of people who join in discussions. I guess it proves the point of this post about villages… That we’re all little islands, doing the stupid struggle all alone, proving a point, or just dislocated from the familiar, lost, or… what?

Me: It’s not that I want them to do the work so I can lie on the couch and eat Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream (although…). It’s for the company. The adult conversation.

I love my kids but puzzles and dolls and trucks just aren’t that mentally stimulating for hours at a time.

Bec: But isn’t that the way kids used to be brought up? Literally in a village with big extended families of aunts and uncles and cousins and siblings and friends? We just don’t have that anymore. We’re all locked away at home alone with our kids and wondering why our brains feel like they’re turning to mash potatoes.

Me: Yep, why is it still such a source of guilt that I didn’t enjoy playing with baby toys? It’s because I’m an adult! I’m not meant to do puzzles! Not all day every day. There are other things that are fun for adults.

Bec: Like Rob Lowe.

Me: And cocktails. Hence, the village! It’s more fun when you can share the cute things they do with someone else. And the annoying bits.

Bec: Exactly. I had a brilliant mothers group in Brisbane made up of my friends – we all had babies at the same time. Now it’s just me and 50,000 tubs of Play-doh. Where’s my ****ing village?

Where are our fucking villages? Why are we all alone?


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