Chocolate Frangelico Mousse with Boozy Cumquats

17 May

Mother’s Day surely has to include chocolate, right? This is Jaime Olivier’s recipe and I think he’s pretty good at nailing gooey, yummy sweetie things. No wonder his Missus was willing to give birth to four babies if she was promised this kind of dessert in return. I halved the recipe which was still toooo much for four people including one greedy guts (moi). Here’s the full deal:

300g melted dark chocolate (I just used Lindt 70%)

sea salt

8 large eggs

100g caster sugar

300ml double cream

booze (I used Frangelico)

2 tablespoons good quality cocoa, plus extra for dusting (I used Valrhona)

I’m not going to explain how to melt chocolate, do it how you like then add a pinch of sea salt and stir though. Then basically, it’s just separating and folding back together.

Separate your eggs and beat the sugar into the yolks. In another bowl, beat the egg whites just til you can hold the bowl over your head without disaster, to the delight of your toddler. In another other bowl, beat the cream just to get some air in it, reserving three fingerfuls for said toddler to suck on. Using a whisk, add the booze and the cocoa to the egg yolks. Then add the cream to the egg yolks. Then slow and steady add the chocolate to the egg yolks, whisking all the time. Then add the whites, in three batches, trying to keep air in the mix.

Chuck it in the fridge for a few hours.

I served spoons of mine with some slivers and drizzles of boozy brandied cumquats I’ve had sitting in the cupboard for a couple of months (brandy, sugar, cumquats in sterilised jar, wait, eat).


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