Welcome Home Picnic

3 Jun

Three months ago, friends of ours packed their bags, scooped up their two kids, and skedaddled off to Paris for a house swap. You can read about their adventures here. Of course for them, it felt like a moment, for me an eternity, so I was very eager to welcome them back home. A low-key visit to the local park meant a few kid-friendly snacks were in order.

Apple crumble muffins, just this basic muffin recipe with grated apple, lots of cinnamon and some crumble topping. And some little sambos with one of The Berry’s favourite fillings de jour – white been puree, just a can of cannellini beans whizzed with salt, lemon, olive oil and herbs.


I think this little guy was impressed:


And I know a certain little girl was very happy to have her playmate back…

When the rain started falling, we all dashed home, with no cleaning up and none of those awkward hostessy moments. It really is the easiest way to catch up with kidified friends. Do you socialise round the jungle gym? To coffee at the swing set? What’s you favourite place to socialise with kids in tow?




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