Wish Wish Wish

7 Jul

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few weeks, it’s been nuthin’ but the essentials going on in my life at the moment. Out the window are such semi-essentials as face washing and outfit co-ordination. Of course, this miserable period has coincided with a little spree of invitations to work functions (I write beauty pages for womens magazines) that have required me to wash my face and co-ordinate outfits. The time and effort required amazes me. I used to do this every day? What a luxury! So I was feeling nostalgic and a bit wistful when I came across WishWishWish.

As far as I can tell, the peaches-and-cream Carrie, a fashion student, prances around in cute, retro outfits and takes photos of her life. And I mean absoultely no disrespect by the word ‘prance’. This girl wears a floral headband for a picnic at the lake for Christ’s sake. Truly, this is a level of dedication that awes me. The fact that she’s not of supermodel proportions makes it all the sweeter.

For complete motherhood escapism, this is my new go-to.


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