Let’s Go Fly A Kite…

21 Jul


The Berry has been obsessed with watching kites for a while, and since she got to *touch* one a few weeks ago, woah baby. She even told me the other day that if she had wings like a kite (with a loooooong tail) she could fly in the sky and rescue runaway balloons (or toddler words to that effect). So it was super windy today and I thought, how hard can it be?

Seems like one of those projects where you get back what you put in. 15 minute construction? Not the best flyer. Plus once we got to the damn park, all the little blighter wanted to do was go on the swing. Maybe she realised that was her best chance of touching the sky.

I am proud of the on-trend neon and blue colour combo though. Does that make me a weird unit?



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