Kas Cushion Crush

11 Sep

Have you ever yearned to redecorate your parents’ place? Or is it just me? There are those lovely investment pieces you could never afford, plus the gems of the past (in my parents’ case, the late 70’s and early 80’s seems to be when the wheels fell off), and those nostalgic bits from your childhood, just languishing under piles of horrific, accumulated junk.

OK it’s probably just me.

So we’re staying at my folks’ house while we do our bit of renovating. Conveniently they’re away on holidays for six weeks. And while the cats are away, this mouse went to the Kas warehouse.

I just threw in the available inserts so the leather ones are a bit lacklustre and the blue a chubby but you get the drift. I saved one precious veteran, a cream tasselled number, and mum’s ubiquitous shawl. And the price for this bounty – two european-sized best-quality suede box cushions (they still smell like piggy), two lovely navy chenille numbers and the linen with woven print?


I suppose you want me to tell you where this joint is, right? So you can steal away all my bargains? Considering how much stock they seem to hold, I guess I could let you in on the secret. It’s 78 O’Riordan Street  Alexandria. You can pop into The Grounds after and spend your savings.


One Response to “Kas Cushion Crush”

  1. Suzysiu September 14, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Ooh, perhaps you could house sit and redecorate for me one day :) I love Kas designs.

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