Casa Gusto

20 Sep

Like I needed more excuses to sloth around at The Grounds. Casa Gusto is a gem of a providore/deli/importer type joint that’s just opened up next door to that dangerous place of cake on Bourke Rd in Alexandria. The two guys running it are charmingly Italian (with the Bellas and Señoras laid on nice and thick). They have all the bases covered with bizarro pasta (rainbow lasagne?), marinated everythings, sweeties and great hostess gifty stuff, as well as a smelly cheese and sausage room. Oh, sausage.

They also, cleverly, do re-fillable olive oil and salt and a few other things so you can go all ethical if you like. Plus these huge boulders of salt, and very curious looking salt stones at act like portable hotplate grill things.

Check ’em out at


I’m addicted to those Sicilian olives. If I can’t have the martini, at least I can have the damn garnish.




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