The Carrington

1 Oct

AKA, another one where I go somewhere cool and just complain about the service.

So, The Carrington in Surry Hills is cool now too. I remember (oh, IIIIII remember) when this was the skanky pub you sat out the front of, drinking cheap red while you waited for your table at Il Baretto. Now it’s hip. No complaints about that.

I went with with ladies for brunch, Spanish style. Well, Spanish-ish style. Basically it’s your usual fare with extra chorizo or a churros on the side. But no complaints about that either.

This, folks, was one hell of a Bloody Mary.

Mega smoky Smoked Paprika Eggs

French toast with churros ice cream (it had a Spanish name, can’t remember, but basically it was french toast).

Churros, oh yes churros. Want to make your own (which are much better than these ones)? Have a look here. So yes, it was pretty yummy and kinda fun. When we arrived at 9.45, the joint was empty. This didn’t prevent the first waiter from forgetting our drink order. Then delightful fun was had watching three people make a cocktail – the challenge was which way up to put the celery stick. Hope that guy washed his hands. But by the end, when the too-cool chic lesbian was prioritising gossip with her frighteningly ironic mates (there was a Pixies t-shirt and multiple daisy dukes involved) over processing our credit card, the entertainment factor was pretty much zero. So I complained. And after that I felt much better.

The Carrington
565 Bourke St Surry Hills


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