3 Oct

Popped over to Koskela last week to pick up a light for the kitchen (yay), and spied a little letterpress exhibition they have one at the mo. Lets get this straight, I’m no art aficionado. I couldn’t really tell you what I “like” or name an artist that has a profile in Australia, beyond the big hitters (is this the moment I should confess I even studied art history at uni?). So I guess like most, I just wait for art to strike me down. And this did. Perhaps it helped that there was coffee and cakes in the immediate vicinity, took the pressure off.

So the idea behind these designs is that a group of cool cats – The Hungry Workshop – invited a group of equally hep cats, the likes of Beci Orpin and Georgia Perry (even I know who those ladiez be), to produce designs. An eye – a single gaze, was the only set point for each work. Then they overprinted the beauties on their fancy letterpress machines and instead of a giant mess, they got these wonders.

Rad, right? I think part of the appeal for me is that nostalgic memory of going ape with the spirograph. It might also be the neon pink and aqua colourway.

Also, they’re not ludicrously expensive: this is art I could possibly even own. Although knowing my luck, Mr B will detest. And so that joyous conversation will begin.

“But where are you going to put them?”

“I don’t know.”

End of conversation.

If you have somewhere to put a couple of these pretties, check them out at:

85 Dunning Ave

(photos: Koskela)


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