Christmas Panettone Pudding (that you can make at your holiday house)

24 Dec

More radio silence from your intrepid reporter. Sorry folks. For one, we’ve been on holidays. For two, did I mention I’m bloody pregnant. I’m a brainless whale 99% of the time. Sucks.

Anyway, will post some travel photos for any Sydneysiders looking for holiday inspiration (we had a lovely time at Culburra Beach, 2hr drive from our place, down the south coast). But in the meantime, what happens when you get carried away with your road trip supplies and buy an entire panettone for 2 1/2 people? You make the best bread and butter pudding on the planet, without any extra fancy stuff required.

If you don’t know it (poor you!), panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread, like raison toast from heaven, super light and fluffy and studded with citrus peel and sultanas and little gems of dried fruit goodness.


So take your panettone and cut into slices, buttering well.

Panettone pudding 1 PTM_2104_69E96566-9E2A-4911-AC7A-4AFA99A33DD8

Smoosh it into an ovenproof vessel of some kind (our holiday house had a loaf tin, bonza). I had some peach jam so I spread some on the top. Then make a custard.

You know how to make custard, right? Milk/cream in a saucepan, bring to scorching hot, then whisk INTO eggs and sugar off the heat. Return to pan and stir constantly until thick. I had about 100mls of cream in the fridge and topped up with 2oo mls of milk. 2 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks. Some raw sugar since it was there.



Pour the custard over your buttered bread. Then the crucial bit. Leave it for a while. Half an hour or so. This allows the custard to soak in and makes it more yummy.

Then find something you can put your pudding in, a bigger vessel that you can fill to make a water bath around your precious pud. It likes a gentle bake in the oven at 180 for 30-40mins.



When holiday rules are in force, I suggest eating for breakfast with more custard.PTM_2114_476049E6-2C89-47FD-9D56-B9359DA2A10C


Otherwise, makes a lovely festive alternative to a dark, boiled fruit pudding, especially on the fly. Happy holidays, peeps.



One Response to “Christmas Panettone Pudding (that you can make at your holiday house)”

  1. Vinny Grette December 24, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    Hey, panettone was the answer to a clue in the crossword I did this morning. First time I was introduced to it!

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