More Stampy Present Fun

24 Dec


Mr B was out hunting for cigars for his brother, and brought me back a present. Actual pipe cleaners for cleaning pipes. They’re so sweet and will get their own post. In the meantime (I’m saying that a bit lately, aren’t I?). Anywho, in the meantime, another Christmas shin-dig to attend and more last minute label making, courtesty of one of my darling little pipe cleaners.


If you were clever you’d bend one of these up leaving yourself a little handle. I am not clever, but I don’t mind sticky fingers so I just pressed the little poppet along a piece of recycled cotton ribbon. (Bonus points to anyone obsessed enough to identify the store from its ribbon).

PTM_2117_DE8D8167-CDFB-43A3-9497-9B1AC4C443A8 PTM_2119_9C8A2E95-CD4C-4E8D-9DE5-B9D292AD4798

Ain’t they cute? Dried for an hour, ran the iron over then just cut up with pinking shears and off to the party.

PTM_2124_DEDA560B-BC26-4DBE-A741-CA3197606618 PTM_2126_BA3353C7-759E-4B6B-9412-42D03CF2BF62


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