Easy Apricot Parfait

30 Dec

IMG_7566…”And a parfait.”

“What’s a parfait?”

“It’s a trifle kind of thing except with muesli.”


So went the conversation regarding food for our deck warming brunch. Little parfait shooters were an essential part of any breakfast function when I was on the beauty media circuit. Quasi-healthy, easily eaten with a little spoon without lipstick smudges, pretty to look at but cheap to cater. Wins all round.

I bought a beautiful bag of little apricots from my gorgeous Chinese lady grocer, she always has the best bargains on big bags of almost-over-the-edge fruit and veg. Perfect for jams and conserves, poaching, or grilling, for instance!



Halved and sprinkled with a little sugar, they went under the grill for 5 or 10 mins (watched as carefully as possible when you have a 2 year old ‘helper’).

Then to construct your parfait. Something wonderful about a recipe that more construction than cooking. You’ll need a bag of the snazziest muesli you can find, and a big tub of premium yoghurt – I luurve Jalna Creamy Vanilla. Just layer everything up and sprinkle something pretty on top. Voila! Beauty editor food in a serving size to actually satisfy hunger!




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