Easy Poppet Pops

3 Jan


So if I have one little New Years’ Resolution, it’s to do more craft WITH The Berry, rather than waiting for her to have a nap so I can forge ahead mess-free. She can take credit for these little pop shots. The IKEA ice cube trays were insisted upon as the appropriate vessel for her ‘ice creams’, and mumma had to think fast for some kind of handle for them. Cut down bendy straws worked a treat…

IMG_7812 IMG_7815

She had a great time pouring the juice into the little ‘flowers’. The mix was just pineapple, apple and mint put through the juicer, and I did make some for grown-ups spiked with Malibu. They’d work so well as shooters or dessert canapés, half buried in a big tray of crushed ice…



One Response to “Easy Poppet Pops”

  1. Cath from pixelsnpieces.com February 20, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    These are delightful Ros – They would make very cute jelly ‘rings’ too me thinks. (Now to find the moulds in dino shapes)

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