Eat Your Greens: Dumplings

25 Jan

Over Christmas, believe it or not, we had a surplus of prawns (baffled me too, let me tell you). I got a bolt of inspiration and made them up into dumplings and they are a winner for The Berry (and for grown-ups too!)


So all I did was throw the prawns in the food processor with the green stuff I had in the fridge – some broccolini, cabbage, some garlic chives, ginger, garlic, with soy and shaoxing wine to stick it all together. My dumpling sticking technique is not fancy but it does the job., bit of water round the edge then pull opposite corners together and randomly squeeze sides together, working outwards from the middle. You want a good seal and minimal air inside.


I do a fry-then-steam method, so some oil in a small frying pan and really crowd them together. One turn, then a good splash of water and cover til the water evaporates off, less than 5 minutes. It gives the little beauties a kind of sticky glaze of yumminess.

Cut into halves to cool ’em down fast and feed to your toddler with some soy to dip. Happy days and much veggie consumption!


They also freeze really well, just put them in the pan frozen but make sure you steam for a bit longer.


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