Berry Trucker Birthday

16 Mar

I haven’t been able to resist throwing a bit of a birthday party for my Big Berry (so grown up suddenly now she’s a big sister).

She’s turning three and in a satisfyingly gender-bending fashion, she’s obsessed with cars and trucks at the mo (although she’d like them all to be pink). Lucky for us there’s a dinky kids traffic school at the end of our street.

Party central.

So the ridiculousness of styling party bags for three year olds was brought to my attention by my friend MM, purveyor of gourmet delights, true foodie and mum to a crazy handsome 8 month old. She sprung me trying to style my ‘rocks’ like so:


So that their layers would be nicely organized. This makes me absurdly happy. But these rocks are nuts. The rest got chucked in like this:


And knock me down with a feather, the world didn’t end. The rocks are going in with little pots of ‘car wash’ (bubble bath), and a little toy car to accept the suds of course.


And voila!



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