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Geo Piñata

11 Mar

It’s hard to craft empires with two small people on the scene, but I’ve been head over heels with Confetti System-esque pretties for such a long time, I NEEDED a silver shimmery piñata like these babies (no, birthday parties are not about the kids, as if that required clarification).

It was actually pretty easy, although the final product was a victim of the bad weather too – was going to take photos of it, pristine and draped over a tree branch. In the end it it didn’t get its photoshoot until post whacking, so it looks a little worse for wear. But was mega happy with it. All in all a simple and satisfying little project.

silver geo piñata

I grabbed an old box and cut fives sides, utilising the existing fold, then just stuck ’em together with tape. Because I was a bit worried that my construction would be too sturdy, I made some “windows” in a couple of panels and papered them over for easy lolly release.

silver geo piñata 2

Then just ran double sided tape up the sides and stuck on lengths of fringed foil. I found that folding lengths of foil into approx 10cm widths similar to a packet of crepe paper, then cutting, worked a treat.silver geo piñata 3

Popped a plait of twisted tissue paper through the top and voila!

silver geo piñata 4PS don’t forget to fill before raising the roof :)

silver geo piñata 5

silver geo piñata 6



Ruffle Lanterns

31 Dec

ruffle lantern 1

Happy almost new year, peeps. Don’t suppose you need some last minute decorations? Bigger is better when going last minute party shopping according to my subconscious, I always get suckered. These were actually made for our deck-warming but wanted to get them posted just in case there are some crazy crafters out there looking for last minute satisfaction for 2012.

Step one, head to your nearest $2 shop, dodgy party warehouse or newsagent. You’ll need a couple of packets of crepe paper per lantern and some double sided tape. I actually used a hot glue gun since I was out of tape.

ruffle lantern 2

Cut your crepe into strips, then add notches in each strip. Keep in mind, you’re deciding the butchness of your lantern now. I went pretty chunky (also faster).

paper lantern 3Then add your double sided tape along the “seams” of the lantern, or dot glue along the first rib. Simply follow the ribs with your crepe paper, keeping in mind you want to strips to overlap. Like most crafty things the first bit is dodgy then you get the knack and the process speeds up. Sadly you’ll need to start at the bottom, which is most visible. That’s why you serve shots. Drunks don’t nit pick.

So round and round you go until you’re ruffle-tastic. I mixed mine up with some shimmery show-girl lanterns courtesy of a giant role of foil garland I picked up at Reverse Garbage months and months ago. Still going strong, it’s endless.

PTM_2098_F5F4D0CA-820B-4727-BBC3-A1882F25022B PTM_2099_6A834B06-20BF-4F33-BE4D-8EAF0C9F2AE1

Now, want to really razzle your ruffles? I stole this idea from Oh Happy Day, except she pimps her lanterns with confetti to make pull-string pinatas. Fill with anything fairly light and pull at midnight. Good clean fun (well, depending on what you fill them with).

Up, Up and Away

1 Jun

How adorable is this photobooth from Oh Happy Day?

I have a feeling those two little boys were never getting out of their own accord…

Mini Macrame Hanging Vase Tutorial

23 May

There was a time when I used shot glasses to drink shots. Sadly they’re reserved for kids snacks and craftiness these days… I made these for Mother’s Day, check out the rest of the pretties here.

Neon Autumn

17 May

So, extremely late, here’s some shots from lunch last Sunday. There’s a tree dropping absolutely stunning autumn leaves just on our corner. The Berry and I spent a late afternoon picking the “pretty leaves”, a relative term for the two of us. The little macrame vase holders were inspired by/nicked from this gorgeous wedding. Might post some tutorials and recipes later.

These ones got to go home with mum, pretty good for a grocery store bunch, hey?

Cheeky Monkey

6 May

Hello there!

So, a new baby came into the world last week. Belonging to one of the most collected, sweet and charming ladies I know. Little Archie is one cute baby and certainly deserved a little cheeky monkey business. I guess they’re becoming my go-to new baby pressie. See Baby Alice’s monkey here.

Like Alice-bubba’s monkey pal, this dude is stuffed with bamboo batting and he’s make of a pair of pure wool socks, soft and snuggly.

Meanwhile, the sight of a really tiny (3 day old) baby had me in a cold sweat. That baby-head-smell! Swoon! That pure need cry! Die! It was such a contrast of envy and remembered terror and dread at the thought of dealing with a new baby again. Crikey.



Life is Sweet

2 May

Did you know you can’t import dolce de leche from Argentina? Neither did poor Bennie, barman extraordinaire and drinking partner. When he told me his stash of the sweet stuff got confiscated at customs, there seemed an obvious “hostess” gift to concoct for our Melbourne man-in-the-know. Check out the so simple recipe here. Now to find some bubble wrap…