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Geo Piñata

11 Mar

It’s hard to craft empires with two small people on the scene, but I’ve been head over heels with Confetti System-esque pretties for such a long time, I NEEDED a silver shimmery piñata like these babies (no, birthday parties are not about the kids, as if that required clarification).

It was actually pretty easy, although the final product was a victim of the bad weather too – was going to take photos of it, pristine and draped over a tree branch. In the end it it didn’t get its photoshoot until post whacking, so it looks a little worse for wear. But was mega happy with it. All in all a simple and satisfying little project.

silver geo piñata

I grabbed an old box and cut fives sides, utilising the existing fold, then just stuck ’em together with tape. Because I was a bit worried that my construction would be too sturdy, I made some “windows” in a couple of panels and papered them over for easy lolly release.

silver geo piñata 2

Then just ran double sided tape up the sides and stuck on lengths of fringed foil. I found that folding lengths of foil into approx 10cm widths similar to a packet of crepe paper, then cutting, worked a treat.silver geo piñata 3

Popped a plait of twisted tissue paper through the top and voila!

silver geo piñata 4PS don’t forget to fill before raising the roof :)

silver geo piñata 5

silver geo piñata 6



Pinterest Wednesday – birthday time

12 Feb

Bloody hell who pressed the fast forward button. So it’s coming up to that time. That holy-shit-where’d-my-baby-go time. Bring it on. We’re doing a double headed birthday while we still can, in fact the Big Berry managed to make it seem like her own idea. Winning. So speaking of winning, I’m going a sparkly, gold-plated, gem-encrusted theme. A pair of gems, that’s what we got :)


Christmas Table

15 Dec

AKA an excuse for lots of photos of pretty flowers. Mirrored runner from IKEA. Orchids $10 from Kings Cross markets. Ivy stolen from the end of the street. Giant silver baubley lantern thingies, DIY here.













22 Jul

This post originally appeared on the fabulous KIDsize Living

My daughter received her first birthday party invite from a preschool mate this week, and I almost exploded with glee. But I confess, it was not from motherly pride that my little darling was making friends (I’m pretty sure everybody got one), but because I adore kids birthday parties.

I am that person. I love me a cake pop just as much as a good ol’ slice of fairy bread. I’m a nocturnal baker, one-handed pom-pom fluffer and I can bang out bunting by the metre.

Not with me? Here’s a list of all that’s good about small people parties:

#1 Eating cake
The basic essence of the thing. Cake, and plenty of it. For the sake of the children, of course.

#2 Champagne before midday
Maybe it says something about the circles I move in, but a nice glass of bubbles is thrust into my eager grasp no matter what the shindig start time. 10am? OK, put a splash of OJ in there for appearance’s sake.

#3 Crowd-sourced child minding
There is a critical point where enough kids in one place means they entertain each other and I don’t have to, and birthdays provide the crowd. Add a bouncy castle or a face-painting Aunty and we’re on.

#4 Perving on other mums in their natural habitat
You know you’re curious. Does Archie’s mum have hand-towels in her bathroom? What will the party-bag lolly philosophy be? And those pre-procreation friends are nursing hangovers in the corner? They’ve got tales to tell…

#5 Post-party naps
Parties are exhausting. Time that sugar crash right and I’m guaranteed a nap from the poppet – and quiet cup of tea for me – when we get home. I’m going to raid the party bag while there’s no one looking.

The Berry’s Digger Cake

23 Mar


It’s really amazing what you can do with a double batch of chocolate buttercream and a big ol’ spatula… Oh, and a very expensive supermarket shop for effective landscaping items.

Needless to say the birthday girl was well pleased…


Pinterest What-day-is-it?

17 Mar


This Pinterest Friday is brought to you by diggers. And excessive amounts of chocolate.





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Berry Trucker Birthday

16 Mar

I haven’t been able to resist throwing a bit of a birthday party for my Big Berry (so grown up suddenly now she’s a big sister).

She’s turning three and in a satisfyingly gender-bending fashion, she’s obsessed with cars and trucks at the mo (although she’d like them all to be pink). Lucky for us there’s a dinky kids traffic school at the end of our street.

Party central.

So the ridiculousness of styling party bags for three year olds was brought to my attention by my friend MM, purveyor of gourmet delights, true foodie and mum to a crazy handsome 8 month old. She sprung me trying to style my ‘rocks’ like so:


So that their layers would be nicely organized. This makes me absurdly happy. But these rocks are nuts. The rest got chucked in like this:


And knock me down with a feather, the world didn’t end. The rocks are going in with little pots of ‘car wash’ (bubble bath), and a little toy car to accept the suds of course.


And voila!