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Christmas Table

15 Dec

AKA an excuse for lots of photos of pretty flowers. Mirrored runner from IKEA. Orchids $10 from Kings Cross markets. Ivy stolen from the end of the street. Giant silver baubley lantern thingies, DIY here.













Speedy Christmas Wreath

2 Dec



Question, giant fans: what can you do with a hoola hoop in 15 minutes?

You can turn it into a Christmas wreath!




This is so super easy, hang something, anything in the middle or leave it plain, I just wrapped it in hessian but you could use tinsel, even kitchen foil. Bit of pine trimmed from next door’s overhang and some dried out gum from a gift bouquet. Sorted.

Grocery Store Bunch – Kings Cross Market Edition

26 Aug

So these aren’t technically from the grocery store, but they’re beauties, and they were $10. So I’m counting them.

Mini Macrame Hanging Vase Tutorial

23 May

There was a time when I used shot glasses to drink shots. Sadly they’re reserved for kids snacks and craftiness these days… I made these for Mother’s Day, check out the rest of the pretties here.

Neon Autumn

17 May

So, extremely late, here’s some shots from lunch last Sunday. There’s a tree dropping absolutely stunning autumn leaves just on our corner. The Berry and I spent a late afternoon picking the “pretty leaves”, a relative term for the two of us. The little macrame vase holders were inspired by/nicked from this gorgeous wedding. Might post some tutorials and recipes later.

These ones got to go home with mum, pretty good for a grocery store bunch, hey?

Grocery Store Bunch

31 Mar

A true grocery store bunch ’cause look what else I picked up…

Are these not the most beautiful apples you ever laid eyes on?

Pinterest Fridays

4 Mar

Yes I know it’s not Friday. Be quiet. Who’s blog is this anyway?

Anyway, thought I’d start a regular weekly post with fun things from Pinterest. I shall attempt a theme each week. No promises though.

This week it’s centrepieces – or rather, clever ways to display flowers. For our wedding, one of the DIY projects I was crazy enough to take on was making my own vases from used green glass bottles. I found a tutorial online for snapping the tops off using twine, kerosene and a bucket of iced water. Google it at your peril. But I couldn’t afford to hire or buy dozens of vases and since then, I’ve always admired creative ways to display flowers, so here’s three that caught my attention this week.


My breezeblock obsession has been evidenced here. Love the soft, smooth, heavy weight of them. What a smart – and SUPER cheap – centrepiece. No chance of that baby getting knocked over after a few champagnes…


Love how the bold tablecloth brings a certain freshness to a quirky retro fish vase. I used to have a pair like these, ‘cept they were swans. Moral of the story: op shops are your friend. Whether you want to go shabby chic cut crystal and tea cups or all palm springs modern, a regular trawl of secondhand shops can yield a grand collection of abandoned treasures just waiting to be repurposed.



Height. It’s so tricky to achieve tastefully. But when you have a huge lofty space like this barn-looking spot, would be criminal not to try to use it! It’s also a great example of how to pull off rustic, IMO: simple, simple simple. Let the materials do their thing.