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Christmas Table

15 Dec

AKA an excuse for lots of photos of pretty flowers. Mirrored runner from IKEA. Orchids $10 from Kings Cross markets. Ivy stolen from the end of the street. Giant silver baubley lantern thingies, DIY here.














24 Apr

I went a bit nuts at the fruit and veg shop this week. It’s terrible but I definitely fall into that “celery is in my fridge therefore I will be skinny” fantasy. Most of the time I do get through everything (I should admit I’m never gonna put spinach in the blender though), and last night I gazed into the fridge and looked at asparagus. Radish. Hmmm, apples that were supposed to go in that spinach juice. I love pork and apple so out came the mandolin (Jamie Oliver taught me everything’s yummier when it’s in slivers) and everything got sliced into a green apple asparagus radish and cabbage salad with grilled pork. Dressed with beautiful red wine vinegar from Fratelli Fresh. Yummy.

The Apollo

11 Apr

So after The Berry’s birthday party, we dumped the birthday girl with her visiting grandparents and went out for lunch with a few mates to celebrate another, grown-up birthday (two actually). The Apollo is soooo hip right now but for lunch didn’t seem heaving, just nicely buzzing. Walked in to have my absolute hated first impression – being studiously ignored by every staff member in the joint ’cause the maitre d’ happens to be out of the room. Terrible. Just make eye contact already, it’s not hard.

Anyway, once we did get seated it was happy days. The Full Greek seemed logical and kicked off with the most delicious taramasalata I’ve ever scooped into a piece of pita. Slow cooked lamb, simply yummy roast taters, it was all restrained and simple and unfussy. Would happy return for grilled octopus with chickpeas and cucumber or rosewater jelly donuts, see if they compare to the gems at this joint.


19 Mar

Corn cakes (or fritters if you’re feeling fancy), were one of those early courtship, lazy Sunday brunch/lunch/whatever meals we used to whip up when we had no more than a care in the world. It was also a pretty simple stir and fry combo that even Mr B could pull off admirably. This weekend we had the delightful and soon-to-be-parental M&J around and Mr B was feeling corny. Beautiful sweet fresh in-season corn, batter, bacon on the side – what’s not to love? Even The Berry gobbled some up. I intended to make a kind of Rouille to go with them but it ended up just being roast capsicum puree/mayo and it was a pretty perfect foil to the savoury fritters. Recipe originally Bills and snatched from here.

(Excuse the toes in shot. I was hungry.)

Pork and Chargrilled Eggplant Lasagna

29 Aug

Mr B brought home some fabulous pork sausages from the markets – these babies were the real deal. I sweated them down with onion and white wine and one solitary ripe tomato, then layered it up with béchamel, fresh pasta sheets (cheat) and eggplant slices I’d chargrilled the day before. It was soooo so sweet and rich and yum.

Two from two

17 Jul

Two successful luncheons – a Masterchef-inspired terrine (was delicious but didn’t photograph that well), and a yummy roast ducky with soy and mandarin sauce. Charlie watched me cooking. 

“What’s that?”

“Um, duck fat…”

“And what are you putting in there?”

“Um, duck fat…”

“And how did you cook the potatoes?”


Needless to say it was yummy.

Remember when a date with Tom Cruise was tempting…

9 Jun

Love a lamb roast – it’s one of the few appealing cuts of organic meat that Mr B can source from the supermarket. There’s always an awkward moment when he returns from the outside world, my cave man with his kill, and I ask whether the woolly mammoth had a nice life.

I’ve been thinking that tempting some of our footloose and fancy free friends with a hot midday meal might be a good way to socialise – I’ll only serve meals I can make fairly well in advance, and The Berry can snooze in her own bed while we chomp and chat. Our first attempt, I must say, was a great success. We invited just one couple, an easy-going pair, and we had the roast with cauliflower cheese, beans and polenta.

A partial overhead of the spread – I’m a bit sheepish about taking photos when we have company…

Super fresh and delicious cauli, covered with cheesy sauce, reminds me of my childhood.

The lamb roasted on a bed of onion, garlic, lemon and rosemary. We gobbled up the gooey roast garlic cloves that turn to sweet delicious morsels in the oven. Pan juices were also whipped into one intense gravy with a splosh of red wine…

The little lamby, studded with garlic and home-grown rosemary. Thank you, lamby.