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Hello May

1 Oct

So once upon a time, I worked for a wedding magazine. Probably the one you bought for a friend, or flicked through yourself before you tied the knot. It was pretty, but it was also pretty generic. There’s only so many bird cages a girl can handle. Hello May is nothing like that. And everything like its damn cool, crafty, come-as-you-are and do-what-you-want creators.

The site is full of great ideas and eye candy, but what they promise (and this is a big deal if you’re actually getting married or dealing with someone else’s panic attacks as they do the I-dos)  is a portal to super ace vendors. Not the ones with loads of cash that only do big budget weddings. The ones that used to be editorial photgraphers. Or graphic artists. Or I don’t know, arborists. The ones that can actually make your “big day” turn out like you want it.

Plus if you skedaddle over there quick smart, you could win one of these darling bow ties from Sincerely Cornelius

(top image credit Justin Aaron)


Variations on a Theme

5 May

As an ex-features editor on a bridal magazine, I’ve seen my share of white weddings. David Austin roses. Vintage typewriters. Tea lights.  I promised myself I wouldn’t link to any old weddings. It would take a killer theme to get me across the line. And I’ve just found one…

Oh my lordie lord that backdrop. It’s got little macrame pebbleholders in it! Look:

And Geo invites!

And neon chartreuse pinatas with geo paper garlands!

More more more photos on 100 Layer Cake. It’s making me swoon right now. How ’bout you? Do you do wedding porn? Sneak a peek at wedding pics in the paper? Or are you more a menu perve? Shoe lady? What do you swoon over?

Pinterest Friday: Paint it Black

4 May

I first used blackboards to write-up welcome signs and seating chart for our wedding. They are so versatile – one of those every day objects that for some reason have a beauty about them. I think it’s the chalk ‘patina’ that builds and the expression that comes from actually drawing on a surface instead of letting a computer sort it out for you. A tin of chalkboard/blackboard paint can pretty much be slapped on to anything, as Pinterest can support…


Funky Junk Interiors


Chris Nicholls Photography


Wit and Whistle


Lauren Conrad




Style Me Pretty

Turmeric Day Part One

24 Apr

It was a very special treat for me to be invited to a pre-wedding Hindu prayer session, labelled Turmeric Day for the clueless westerner. Rituals of any kind are fascinating to me and this homely prayer and blessing for a bride-to-be was so sweet, sincere, joyful, loving and really intriguing. The Hindu priest who led the proceedings has known the family for 20 years and little jokes and smiles ran as an undercurrent to the calm simplicity of it all. A delight! Here are some happy snaps from the first part of the day… More yearning for a proper camera…

Pinterest Friday – Backdrops

21 Apr

A photographer asked me last night if there was anything I’d change from our wedding photos and there is one thing that I wish I’d thought more about: ceremony backdrop. We were married in front of a huge lush mulberry bush which gave us a lovely leafy background, but there was no framing and everyone was a bit squashed, plus the celebrant stood right between us as she’s in most of the photos. Not sayin’ she wasn’t a lovely person but does a comparative stranger need to be in that first brilliant married kiss photo. Don’t think so. So I love seeing clever backdrops and it seems to be another “must have” element being added to weddings and even kids parties (above from Hello!Lucky). I’d advise any bride to consider the framing of their wedding ceremony location, (doesn’t have to be trixy, just have a look with a camera in mind), and also think about placing the celebrant to one side so you can really just enjoy each other. Right, rant over, now pretties!!

From a Black|White round up, super dramatic resorty stripes.

Only Martha would have the audacity to try this, just drops of crepe paper, so beautiful and simple in classic Martha tones

This is actually a message board/guest book (that’s another post for sure), but would be equally lovely as a backdrop. From Chewing the Cud.

Love the half hazard hanging of this simple white bunting to take a rustic backdrop to the next level.

And this baby, my goodness. Incredible craftiness by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.

Slightly Deco Hens

16 Apr

A few shots from the little bit of styling done for Arti’s Hens drinks. Terrible lighting – I’m pining for a proper camera to elevate me into serious blogger-nerd territory. Until then, it’s trusty iPhone photos I’m afraid.

Basically, we’re talking a yummy drink, a few mirror balls, and a box of falsies to enhance the evening’s flirt factor. Fun in application increases with every sip!

Signature Cocktail

6 Apr

You know how I feel about a signature drink – get it right, and it’s such a fun and elegant way to start a party. I’m off to  a hen’s party tonight, the beautiful bride-to-be from this little party. I asked her to name a few favourite drink components and thought I could do something with ginger, raspberry and vodka. A bit of digging aournd and I found this delicious looking specimen from Pictures and Pancakes.

glass with ice
2 oz vodka
1 oz chambord
juice from 1/2 lime
top with ginger ale (about 4oz, but more if you please)
garnish with a lime
Sounds pretty delicious, doesn’t it?