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Wrapping High

11 Dec

So Mr B and I have spent another rapturous evening with him working spreadsheets and tonight, me wrapping Christmas presents. Would you believe we are both deeply satisfied? Why does a bit of sticky tape and some shiny wrapping paper bring me such deep joy. No frigging idea. Not even any craftiness this year, just scored a killer little pack in the mail from The Souvenir Society. With free shipping!



IMG_0293 IMG_0288

IMG_0290 IMG_0295Ahhhhh…




Speedy Christmas Wreath

2 Dec



Question, giant fans: what can you do with a hoola hoop in 15 minutes?

You can turn it into a Christmas wreath!




This is so super easy, hang something, anything in the middle or leave it plain, I just wrapped it in hessian but you could use tinsel, even kitchen foil. Bit of pine trimmed from next door’s overhang and some dried out gum from a gift bouquet. Sorted.