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Pinterest Wednesday – birthday time

12 Feb

Bloody hell who pressed the fast forward button. So it’s coming up to that time. That holy-shit-where’d-my-baby-go time. Bring it on. We’re doing a double headed birthday while we still can, in fact the Big Berry managed to make it seem like her own idea. Winning. So speaking of winning, I’m going a sparkly, gold-plated, gem-encrusted theme. A pair of gems, that’s what we got :)




10 Sep

I’m so chronically dog tired at the moment, I’ve been very neglectful of this poor bloggy blog blog. But you don’t care about tht, do you? You want to see some pretties! OK, here’s some super sweet pics from a talented mumma friend’s babushka themed baby shower last weekend. So springy…

Ain’t it cute? Yeah, I thought so too. Check out the details at pixelsnpieces.com

Paper Shop

18 Apr

Potter + Butler make sweet toppers and garlands so delicate and pretty, I wonder if Emily and Carrie breathe out while they’re making them. The girls also have a blog with lots of inspiration on ways to play with their pretties.

You thought piñatas were papier-mâché mash-ups gooed together in the kitchen for kids parties? Ha ha, not at Confetti System. These are the most glamourous pretties you will ever encounter and so, so cool. You can buy them in Australia from the equally cool but far less intimidating Third Drawer Down.

Colour Blind? Or just a little lost when it comes to combos? Paper Tuesday‘s got you covered. Plus the paper goods are all made in the States with sustainability in mind. No anonymous Guangzhou factories here (or so they say).

Huh? These aren’t pretties, more like the office supplies from the back of the filing cabinet at your dad’s office. Yes, they are. However they are perfect, pristine, blank. In fact, they’re from BLANK supplies. For a craft tragic that constantly bemoans the painfully distasteful branding, the oversights of design or even worse, the little flourishes that apparently create a point of difference for most stationery or packaging supplies – this is nirvana.

Slightly Deco Hens

16 Apr

A few shots from the little bit of styling done for Arti’s Hens drinks. Terrible lighting – I’m pining for a proper camera to elevate me into serious blogger-nerd territory. Until then, it’s trusty iPhone photos I’m afraid.

Basically, we’re talking a yummy drink, a few mirror balls, and a box of falsies to enhance the evening’s flirt factor. Fun in application increases with every sip!