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Pinterest Wednesday – birthday time

12 Feb

Bloody hell who pressed the fast forward button. So it’s coming up to that time. That holy-shit-where’d-my-baby-go time. Bring it on. We’re doing a double headed birthday while we still can, in fact the Big Berry managed to make it seem like her own idea. Winning. So speaking of winning, I’m going a sparkly, gold-plated, gem-encrusted theme. A pair of gems, that’s what we got :)



Pinterest Friday

18 May

Very cranky non-sleeping child today so a quick Pinterest Friday (hey, at least I’m actually posting it on Friday). Check ’em out here and click through with your own clicky finger. That is all.



Pinterest Friday

12 Apr

It’s OTT mani madness on Pinterest at the moment… There is some scary shit out there but also some so-cute-it’s-criminal. I admire the time, patience, and post-application care required for these babies.

How fabulous is this tut from The Beauty Department?

The Nailasuarus goes to the circus.

Unsurprising that a Marni inspired mani hails from Refinery 29.

C’est chic, right? That’s ’cause it’s French.

Shall I be attempting some rad nail art? No promises. Toddlers and pretty manis don’t really mix. I also have matchy-matchy issues which means my nails dictate my wardrobe and I end up wearing coral every day for a week til I have time to take the damn polish off.

HOWEVER… I will attempt to post a pic of may colour collection and a few of my favourites a little later.

Pinterest Friday

16 Mar

Rhubarb and Buttermilk Sorbet Float

Adult Root Beer Float

Guinness Float with Coffee Ice Cream


Drooool. That is all.