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Cheeky Monkey

6 May

Hello there!

So, a new baby came into the world last week. Belonging to one of the most collected, sweet and charming ladies I know. Little Archie is one cute baby and certainly deserved a little cheeky monkey business. I guess they’re becoming my go-to new baby pressie. See Baby Alice’s monkey here.

Like Alice-bubba’s monkey pal, this dude is stuffed with bamboo batting and he’s make of a pair of pure wool socks, soft and snuggly.

Meanwhile, the sight of a really tiny (3 day old) baby had me in a cold sweat. That baby-head-smell! Swoon! That pure need cry! Die! It was such a contrast of envy and remembered terror and dread at the thought of dealing with a new baby again. Crikey.




Ooh Ooh Aah Ahh!

30 Jan

Isn’t he cute? He’s a new friend for a new baby, so he’s pure cotton, bamboo stuffed and each stitch triple knotted so he can be chewed, chucked, and hopefully snuggled and cuddled too.


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